About Us

The Centre for Legal Education and Research (CLEAR) is an independent, ‘not-for-profit’ research institute that empowers people, organizations and governments with sound and evidence-based legal and policy solutions and services that enhance nation-building.

CLEAR promotes a multi-disciplinary approach to the study and practice of law. It proceeds on the premise that law cannot exist in isolation from other social phenomena. It must, therefore, be approached and applied in context.

Since its inception, CLEAR has been partnering with experienced lawyers/law firms/law institutes and students of law to influence the policies and processes for nation-building.

Established by a group of lawyers with a passion for using law towards nation-building, CLEAR has come to be considered as a centre of excellence in Legal Fraternity Development Programmes, Consulting and Research, on vital aspects of legal solutions for nation-building.

CLEAR seeks to ensure that the law is utilized to respond to everyday societal challenges. CLEAR believes that the challenge of underdevelopment and the various social vices that dog our nation’s attempts at speedy development is traceable to failure to create innovative solutions or responses or to adapt the available laws and procedures in a manner consistent with our needs, culture and experience.

CLEAR offers legal expertise, resources, tools and technical support to lawyers, developmental partners and civil society organizations. Its work links the law (as it is and as it ought to be) with developmental needs across the multiple sectors of our great country.

In this manner its inter-disciplinary work revolves around two thematic areas, namely:
(a)Law, Democracy and Governance
(b) Law, Economics and Society

The work involving law, democracy and governance seeks to promote a democratic dispensation embedded on the rule of law while the work involving law, economics and society seeks to promote socio-economic development in an environmentally sustainable manner. Since its humble beginnings, CLEAR has worked with a variety of individuals, legal practitioners and civil society organizations in diverse sectors including constitutionalism and rule of law; access to justice; promotion of human rights; public health; water and sanitation; agriculture; forestry; local governance; cultural and religious values; electoral systems; and information and media. The CLEAR seeks to mainstream the understanding and application of the law with reference to its social, economic, cultural and political environment. CLEAR’s core values – ‘Nation First Always’, Academic Excellence, Personal and Professional Growth, Focus on Future continue to guide its operations.


We aspires to be a world-class international legal research, advisory and capacity development institution that addresses the needs of present and future generations to live a life in decency, safety, good health and freedom.


Our mission is to contribute, through collaborative applied research, capacity development and advisory services, to enable to resolve pressing national and sub-regional problems of human survival, development and welfare. To contribute towards nation building using the legal services fraternity.

Indicative broad areas of work & research

  • Human Rights
  • Gender Justice
  • Right to Information
  • Right to Education
  • Right to Privacy
  • Transformative Constitutionalism
  • Technology to strengthen judiciary
  • Training for Legal Drafting
  • Legal Resources Capacity Building

Let’s Work Together

For collaboration, job opportunities & internships, reach us at [email protected]